Crawled back in to bed today…

So my mood didn’t pick up, in fact its seemed to have crashed even more. Tried to get up and out today, went for a morning walk, even had a piece of toast for breakfast to get me going, put a face full of make up on… And now i’m back in bed feeling like utter crap. I have so much to do today and that thought is making me want to retreat even more. Piles of washing, bins that need emptying… I just cant deal with it all today, like there is some sort of mental barrier to my abilities, and trying to carry on with life is at the end of my capacity.

I’m never going to get these job applications done – i can’t physically do it when im down because i’m so tired, and i can’t mentally do it when i’m up because it somehow isnt important to me and i’m too distracted and unfunctional to sit down and do it.

Give me a stable day or two (or week), please. Or a 6. I’d be happy with a 6.


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