Finally got that referral!

So yesterday I managed to keep an appointment with my new GP (after cancelling two because I believed I was fine again – doh! Need to stop doing that) and walked away with everything i’d been hoping for; someone who took me seriously.

She must have been reading up on my recent history, because she sat me down and asked “What’s been going on Megan?”

I told her that I had been pushed by my councellor for a referral to the psychiatrist and that my last doctor was pushing medication on me and blatantly ignoring me when I told him I was scared of how high and out of control I get. Then, say no more, she granted me my request, we discussed my hallucinations, how cyclical my moods have been on each antidepressant attempted in the past and about my family history of mental illness. Then she told me that the antidepressant route clearly wasnt working for me and explained what mood stablisers do.

Understanding and informative – exactly what people need and should be entitled to fom their GP. She accepted everything that came out of my mouth without questioning it, and didn’t look at me in a confused way or with sympathy. She took action and I could have asked for a better experience!

She wants to keep me on the Sertraline (its only been two weeks) just to see if I level out a bit, gave me another months worth as a back up and made me an appointment in 4 weeks to see her again in case it takes longer to come through.

What a breath of fresh air.


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