A slow incline?

Following diagnosis label of ‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’ from last week, i’m still not ready to talk about it. Overwhelming post to follow.

In the meantime, i’ve been tracking my mood the past week and it seems to be on the higher side of things.

The past two nights i’ve struggled to switch off at night (not necessarily wanting to go to sleep either). 5 hours sleep both last night and the night before. No naps. Lots of job applications filled in. Sex drive has shot right up the scale again, to the point where this is possibly the main reason why I can’t sleep. Tried to nap before, my body felt absolutely shattered from the 5am start but my mind didn’t. I just couldnt switch off.

Yesterday I had that lightening feeling in my heart that makes you feel joyful about life. The depression is most certainly over, and its been nice to feel that good feeling again – it’s been a while!

I’d say my mood has been wavering between a 6 and a 7 (no more than a 7), i’m very giddy – with periods of irritability and agitation, especially at night. I’ve also been quick to temper and very snappy even though i’ve been in a good mood. On the plus side….

My visual disturbances have finally stopped! Maybe the sertraline is finally in my system.

My doctor is doing his first home visit on Sunday, which should be interesting! Lets see what the night brings.


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