Psychomotor agitation. Does this mean im on the way up? Does it mean I’m mixed? I’m still pretty fresh to all of this. My arm is a mess – it’s the only thing that (barely) relieves it at the moment. Hopefully it will be enough to last me until I attempt to sort myself out.

I’ve decided to set some goals to help with the healing process. This is the list I’ve drawn up so far;

1. Try and get an earlier nights sleep, especially when I have to get up for work the following day. Even if it’s an hour earlier, at least it’s something.

2. Stop speeding. No seriously Megan, have more road awareness. Ive noticed I can’t help but put my foot down the past week or so.

3. Eat a little healthier. Not diet, but just fill the body with more nutritious stuff, just to make me feel better.

4. Enjoy work. Embrace it. It’s what ive wanted to do for a while now and I have this amazing opportunity in front of me that I’d be stupid not to appreciate.

5. Get out and run. Don’t push it, just let it occur naturally.

6. Let the self injury die down on it’s own. The more you fight the more you struggle. Be kinder.

7. Figure out what you want and be honest to yourself. Keep it simple – you can’t change the present situation but what’s the rush? You’ll Get there when you’re ready.



One thought on “Goals.

  1. If u are on a anti psychotic this can be a side effect of them which can be mitigated via other drugs or a drug swap though if not your wellness plan makes sense .. yake care x claire

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