For the last few days I’ve noticed my energy levels plummeting somewhat, earlier nights accompanied by naps that I can’t just seem to wake up from. Extra coffee and even a little help from pro plus the other morning (hmmm…). I’ve also been feeling a little blue. Distracting myself in the most healthiest ways possible (exercise, funny books, seeing as many friends as I can manage), but blue nonetheless.

It’s no secret that I have been feeling horribly mixed since my last hospital incident, and for months now it seems I have been constantly rapid cycling on the Sertraline. Which means my ups, my downs and my downright tornados of emotional episodes have been very short lived, however powerful they have been.

So here’s to hoping the lethargy is a temporary blip, to do with my womanly cycle rather than my mental state (sorry, gents!). It would be very unfair to throw another depression in the mix when I’ve been doing so well. But hey, that’s part of being a Bipolar Bear.


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