If physical illnesses were treated like mental health issues

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Another post I came across which I just had to share.

This powerful illustration expresses a message towards the stigma that (unfortunately, still) underpins mental illness in many of our lives today. The image hit home for me, as there are so many hidden debilitating features of bipolar disorder that contribute towards this ignorance…

For example,

Having to explain to my mother why I can’t wash up/wash myself.

Having to explain to friends why I cannot attend/have to leave early when it comes to social events.

… why I am so, so tired and it’s NOT due to the fact that I have continuously slept for 14 hours.

… why I missed that doctors appointment/prescription renewal again/didn’t pick up the phone….

… Why I feel the way I do.


How do you explain to someone how you feel and why you feel like that when there just is no reason why?

Mental illnesses in general are more than the physical issues or the well known symptoms of the disorder. My Bipolar to me is SO MUCH MORE than the up’s and down’s of an unstable mood. It’s everything – the way I think, feel, my energy levels, my actions – and they all have concequences on my every day life (even when medicated)

Mental illnesses are so much more, and this point needs to be shouted across to the unknown – to be able to learn that reading up about an illness you just ‘came across on the NHS website’ is infact proportionately minute to what it is really all about.


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