Once again I’m here to blog away that niggly anxiety again.

Today I was sat in my office at work, when one of the Dr’s came in to say hello. 20 minutes later he casually walked out to get on with his day and left me with my mind blown and sat there feeling rather inferior.

The thing is; I have dreams. BIG dreams that I am fighting for, every single day, working towards my goals. Dreams that I am reaching out for to fill this Void that I have in my life. The void to be successful by doing what I fell in love with doing a few year ago. Every day I reach closer to these dreams, I look towards the future and see a chance. I see progression, I see growth, I see continuous hard work on the horizon. I see dreams that are never ending, rather than seeing them as a destination, I see them as one long infinate journey of achievement, a journey that doesn’t have a stopping point.

It is because they are so important to me that I let people overcome me with their own experience, their vast knowledge and their own concrete ideas and make me feel like I will never push through to where I need to be? I take other peoples own journeys and produce them in to a feeling of ‘pointlessness’ to pursue my own. Giving up, thats what I feel like doing – not because of others, no, the main thing that is holding me back is myself.

A message to me;

Stop comparing yourself to proffessionals who are on the other side of the threshold, when you have only just started to pursue your own journey. People will have (strong) opinions, don’t let them get in the way of developing your own.

Become your own person.

Keep going.





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