The little blessings.

In light of recent events, I have decided to physically note all the good things that have happened to me during my difficult days. Today, suprisingly, was a good one.

  • I got out of bed at 8.30am. On my day off (this has recently been 12, 1pm so a huge improvement there)
  • With a bit of help of pro plus and lots of coffee, I didn’t actually feel exhausted. This is the first time in weeks I didn’t burn myself out.
  • I got to spend all day with my daughter (and she was on her best behaviour even better).
  • I went for breakfast with my auntie and got to see my cousins this afternoon.
  • I managed to muster up the energy to clean the house and organise things (with a spare hand from my daughter).
  • My council tax bill for the month came. I thought I was behind by about £100. Turns out I only owed £35, which is manageable.
  • I bought two bags of shopping from sainsburys, with my Nectar point I have saved up over the year. This meant I was able to provide proper food for my daughter for the next two days whilst i’m away for work. It cost me 39p altogether (this rare moment filled me with an actual sense of pride in myself that i was able to actually feel like a good mother and feed my child healthy food that she enjoys for the next few days, rather than butting together cheap crap from the cupboards). With the rest of the change i’d scraped up from around the house, I was able to give her some pocket money so she can go to the shop with her nan tomorrow and buy herself a kinder egg for her good behaviour today. This act fulfilled me even more.
  • I managed to swallow some of my bad pride and ask for help with feeding myself. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, this seeking help thing.
  • I checked my work emails tonight, and now I have an appointment with my Bosses ‘Boss’ so to speak to get some work finished before I leave for good next week. I have been worrying about not getting it finalised to no end.
  • The Boy is here for the night 🙂

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