A huge THANK YOU – Sharing Stories.



Last month, The Manic Years started a “Sharing Stories” feature, where I encouraged people to share their own personal experiences with Mental Health to be published on the blog. The aim of the feature was to provide a wider scope of  ‘true to life’ emotional experiences reguarding mental health, in aid of attempting to reach out to readers on a more personal level; providing words that other people who are experiencing similar can really relate to.

The feature has been great so far – with each story being helpful to someone, somewhere, in it’s own way.

I want to take a minute to say a huge thank you to all the brave people who has approached me over the past few weeks, who took the time to offer their story to share. You are the gems of this project, and by voicing your experiences you really have helped people – Sharing can save lives.

I also want to thank the readers, and the followers of the blog who have supported the posts. I have had nothing but positivity and gratitude towards the writers of these stories, words of encouragement, lovely comments and shares.

I am still looking for people to share their stories, the scope of the different areas of mental health keeps growing ; and I can only hope it continues to do so.

If you would like to help out and have your story featured on The Manic Years, please drop me an email on themanicyears@gmail.com.


Thanks again,


M 🙂



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