We need your stories!

For the past few months people have been submitting in their experiences of mental health from a wide range of disorders and issues in the Sharing Stories series…So far, the stories have managed to speak out to those in need and even give others the confidence and support get the help they need –  opening up about their own experiences.

Stories are still needed!

Do you have a mental health/recovery story of your own that you’d like to reach out and share to others? Whether it be overcoming depression to addiction to eating disorders… no matter what your area, there will be a chance that your experience will touch someone elses life.

Send your story with your name and location to themanicyears@gmail.com and i’d be happy to publish on The Manic Years.

Sharing saves lives –


M x


15 thoughts on “We need your stories!

  1. I have border line bipolar Disorder for the last 9 years now some days are very hard I have crying spells , Rage , I feel that everyone pointing at me judges me for know reason. I am on new medication now and my Spells have been very low but still have spells but there not that bad as they use to

    • Hey, thanks for reaching out. I’m glad to hear that things are settling for you somewhat. Medication can take years to adjust and get right. I have only been on the right my medication for the past 3 years now and still I have the odd episode. I believe this disorder is one that requires lifelong adjustments – it’s a continuous road to recovery. Let me know if you would like to write about your own experiences for the blog, and I’d be more than happy to publish it.

      M x

  2. I only wish I had a success story to tell. I was never able to save a life in EMS and sadly, I was never able to save a life otherwise.
    Maybe, some day somebody can write a story about how they saved me.

    • Hi there. Th eblog is not just looking for ‘success’ stories so to speak – just raw honesty about what it is like to live with mental health conditions. The fact that people who are suffering can read a story that is relatable to their own sufferings is sometimes more than enough for them to speak out themselves.

      M x

      • My children probably kept me going because I had to take care of them. Their “daddy” was always traveling or at the bar or with some tramp.
        Now, they have chosen him and we are estranged.
        Sometimes, that’s just the way the ball bounces.

      • I want thou the same they picked there was but now there 16 and 19 we have a wonderful bond my oldest is going to move in with me or by me. I missed 6 years of there lives but what was done is done I can’t fix it or change it so I closed that book and left it alone cause this book in reading is me and my daughter’s being together . One day maybe they will choose to talk to you write them letters write to them send all your I love you and missing you so they always know that you always thought of them and love them even miles away. If you think they won’t read it right now keep them date , time and there is always a One day they can read each and every letter. Don’t give up on them that may not know it right now but they still need there mommy..

      • I already tried that. They never responded. It’s okay. I was the one who was always there for them so my attention and love was not what they craved.
        Their sperm donor was never around and now that he has a tramp to impress by making her think that he actually gives a shit about his children, he is doing it with great aplomb. Since my children never got his attention, they are enjoying it now…no mater how fake or late it is.

    • no problem 🙂 I must say I have had a few chuckles reading your posts – your blog is great!

      That’s completely up to you, if you’d like to write something up specifically for the feature, or if you want to select a post to share from your own blog then fell free to do so.

      if you’d like to take part please send it in to themanicyears@gmail.com and quote your blog. I’m always happy to post a link to your own blog as well along with your post, as I often find readers want to reach out directly with the writer.

      thanks for reaching out 🙂

      M x

      • Thank you so much, M!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I will definitely send you something. You’re so welcome. I think its very important that we share our stories, and support each other. Silence only brings shame.

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