Sharing Stories is now on facebook!

The Manic Years “Sharing Stories” feature now has it’s own facebook page!

Please like, share and support the feature if you can to raise awareness; The Manic Years – Sharing Stories of Menatl HealthThe Manic Years – Sharing Stories of Mental Health

So far, the stories have inspired people, reached out to many and succeeded on expressing a multitude of turmoil that is so hard to put in to words for sufferers who experiences mental health difficulties.

It is so valuable to others who are lost that those who have experienced mental disorders speak out about our feelings and our realities. Sharing not only makes it okay, makes people feel like they aren’t alone, but it also gives people something to relate to. It is the key to understanding when we are suffering. Speaking up, and speaking louder can save lives.

The ‘Sharing Stories’ feature will continue to do that, and I have many hopes that each and every one of your experiences will connect to someone, somewhere in the world and give them not just the knowledge they need for understanding what they are going through, but also the comfort they need to carry on and the confidence to speak out themselves.

Please drop me an email on if you want to take part and be featured on the blog, if you have a story to tell or you just want to share your thoughts about your experiences. They matter, so much. I am so proud of everyone who has contributed and who has joined me in this journey so far, and I do hope our army gets stronger. A bigger voice. A fight to speak louder.