I’m not a writer or a poet. I have no talent in that respect. I am an artist, but not with words. There is no beauty in the way I write – just pure honesty. The initial reason I started The Manic Years was due to a therapy assignment where I could express my own encounters with day to day struggles.

About Me.

After ten years of battling with my mood states (or seasons), and a long road of identity crisis I finally got diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder (type 2).

I wanted to share these short (and sometimes rather embarrasing!) encounters of my emotional turbulance, as I am developing the understanding in which honesty is a valuable tool that can be used to reach out and help people to open up about their own sufferings.

This blog is my personal journey of striving towards stability, with an aim to contribute towards breaking down the stigma that has a hold over mental heath and hopefully reach out to others who are struggling with similar issues.


Sharing Stories – a collection of stories about mental health.

In 2016, many of you offered to share your own experiences with mental heath struggles. This lead to the feature Sharing Stories, a collection of tales from the public on a wide variety of conditions and disorders. The stories have had great feedback, with each story reaching out to people on a personal level and helping provide relatable content to those who are suffering. You can find the collection of stories by our brave warriors here.


The Conversations – open discussions about mental health experiences.

The Conversations is a new feature which began in May, 2017, where I had the pleasure of meeting individuals across the UK, to have a casual and open conversations over coffee about their experiences and struggles. The conversations were audio recorded, and later transcribed for publication on the site, which portray the raw realism of mental health. You can read The Conversations here, and keep you eyes peeled for more to come across the summer.



Warning – ***some posts may trigger***


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