Today, I am Tethered.

There is a much to be said about the way a familiar scent can invoke comfort, calm and warmth to the soul. The same feeling that is brought by sitting in the stillness of nature, and the magic way it has for bringing you home. Today, I am tethered to a deep rooted place where… Continue Reading →

Why do we dumb down our worth?

I did something for myself tonight. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s not all so often that I put myself out there in life. I can only assume that I have been the metaphorical simmering pot, my needs have been pushed back but have been bubbling away every so slowly until one day,… Continue Reading →

Pema Chödrön and the people of Navajo

I just wanted to share this gorgeous story from Pema Chödrön about the people of Navajo. Pema has been a huge inspiration of mine whilst I was exploring the world of Buddhism and this story stuck with me throughout it all. We have a lot to learn from so little! I hope everybody is having… Continue Reading →

Sober October

How are we in October already? As the impending winter brings a magnetic pull towards the back end of 2021, I am already finding myself in the midst of denial over the start of October. I permitted myself another day of September by drinking on the 1st October and calling it the 31st September, kicking… Continue Reading →


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