Today, I am Tethered.

There is a much to be said about the way a familiar scent can invoke comfort, calm and warmth to the soul. The same feeling that is brought by sitting in the stillness of nature, and the magic way it has for bringing you home.

Today, I am tethered to a deep rooted place where I don’t want to be.

I have allowed myself to sit in the open air watching the sun fall over the hills. I have observed as flocks of birds soar the open skies above me, dancing their way amongst a background of cotton clouds, planes trailing steadily across my view. I have listened to the white noise of the windmills and the sounds of slow life settling down for the evening. I have allowed myself the gift of simple joys that bring me comfort, a warm blanket, a cosy jumper scented with my favourite smell, the very one that resets me. I am surrounded by little touches of me, of home, at one with the natural world, with space. I am surrounded by love. If I would have to known years before where I am now, I would have been made.

I have taken the time to remind myself of these comforts, this love, my home. But yet, I am still tethered.

If I close my eyes, maybe I could provoke the power of all the joys I have around me to work together side by side, to unpick the fibres of this anchor in me one by one, until the tangled twine that binds me comes undone and releases me back to my grounding; to the place I can roam freely upon my homeland, upon my comforts in my joyful life of love.

They would work together and set me free, to walk amongst them, and just be.

Wouldn’t that be lovely.

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