A view on the horizon.

After a week and a half of suffering in the pits of depression and tortured by the wrath of anxiety I can finally feel the fog dispersing and I have a clearer view of the future ahead of me.

No self harm incidents, but a few bad days with only codeine to pull me through, and I am weaning off gently after the relapse had me using for the will to function properly.

It’s amazing how distorted your thoughts can get after even a blip of depression, and this one had me overanalyzing my current life choices reguarding work, my home, my relationships and myself as a person. My self esteem got battered by the storm and I have little self worth left to try and pick the pieces and build a stable me back together again.

But indeed, I got through it, and I will pick myself up little by little and I will continue my journey on the path of stability, recovery and self discovery.

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