Some people say, that grief washes over you like waves. Those some people, are absolutely right. When the morning approaches, it hits my body before my mind even has the chance to wake up and acknowledge the day. I feel it; a solid, heavy burning weight, like my heart has been set alight before I... Continue Reading →

Self care.

Self-care is a really difficult thing to endure when you are feeling under the weather yourself. This week, I have had to force myself to get up off the couch, get showered and eat. Life changes, illness, pain and other indemnities have left me feeling tense and angry over the last few weeks and this... Continue Reading →

Tonight, I swam.

Tonight I stepped out, placed my toes in the sea Felt the waves on my skin, how cold they might be Looked out past the shore, past the river than ran Tonight I went swimming, the night that I swam. I plunged in the deep, to the dark and the blue And swam in the... Continue Reading →


It is January 2017, and the new year has delivered a depression. I woke up one morning, and my life was full of clouds. Have you ever felt the air around you grow dense, so much that it’s notibly weighty when you breath it in, almost like you was inhaling a thick glug of syrup,... Continue Reading →

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