Tonight, I swam.

Tonight I stepped out, placed my toes in the sea

Felt the waves on my skin, how cold they might be

Looked out past the shore, past the river than ran

Tonight I went swimming, the night that I swam.

I plunged in the deep, to the dark and the blue

And swam in the water, the ocean anew

No light was I leading, for only the sky

Was lit up with stars, the only light by

The waters I swam through, no current aflow

Could have swept me up with no direction to go

But tonight I went swimming, this night that I swam

I swam through the rivers, I swam through the damn

I swam through the mountains, I swam through the sky

For even the songbirds, the birds I swam by!

Still the waters so deep, could not swallow me whole

I swam all my might no direction to go

Until all my shackles, my shackles were free

Tonight I went swimming, I did it for me

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